Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Smart Cleaning is your one-off cleaning solution. We know how stressful and time-consuming cleaning can be. So, let our staff take care of this chore for you.

Our deep cleaning services are charged by the hour and we will do as much as possible for the time scheduled.

Our team will clean as many areas as possible for the time scheduled, we will recommend starting with the kitchen and bathrooms, or we could clean according to your priorities and needs.

Every home needs a good deep clean once in a while, even when you have a regular housekeeper, or if you need general cleaning to refresh your entire home, we can help you either way.

How does our deep cleaning program work?

Our deep cleaning service is essentially a meticulous room by room house cleaning. This is a complete and thorough cleaning checklist to make your home immaculate:

  • Deep cleaning appliances in/out (fridge, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine)
  • Standard oven clean (for oven deep clean an extra charge will be applied)
  • Clean the floor (vacuum, mop), wipe skirting boards
  • Dust blinds, windows, sills, if reachable by the cleaner
  • Remove spider webs, wipe doors, door frames, handles
  • Wipe light switches and around them
  • Deep clean bathrooms, wash tiles, clean and disinfect toilet bowl, clean shower/bathtub, clean and polish mirror, wipe and polish sink and remove limescale
  • Wipe down kitchen sink, tap and remove limescale
  • Dusting all surfaces around the house.
  • Extra tasks: If time allows it, the cleaners can also assist you with additional everyday tasks at no extra charge. These include dishwashing, laundry, ironing or sweeping around your property.


*The one-off cleaners can use the equipment and detergents that are already present at your property. In case you don’t have the necessary tools and solutions or prefer the team to bring their own, they can do so for an extra fee.

**We require a minimum of three hours for cleaning a house or flat, but time requirements vary depending on property size and the degree of accumulated dirt and dust.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

Deep cleaning can help to prevent the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) from surfaces around your property.

During our deep cleaning services, surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, allowing extra attention to high traffic areas and high touch surfaces as door handles and light switches.

Our deep cleaning services is COVID-19 secure. Our cleaners are taking extra care to maintain a 2-metre distance during the clean and respecting all hygiene processes.


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